Thursday, August 28, 2014

You've Gotta Start Somewhere - {MINT HEELS}

{Hi all! This is the very first post on this blog, and I'm so excited that you're reading it. This is the first of my fashion blog posts, which I definitely plan to continue, along with a whole list of other topics! If you're a reader from my old blog, Julia's Journal - bless you for following me over here!}

Now, on to the fun stuff...

MINT HEELS! I know! They're the dream shoe. Thus the story...

I happened to spy these cuties literally lying tumbled amongst a pile of clearance shoes while at a Belk store (A large one that is further away, not the one in my hometown.) Immediately, I grabbed them, looking left and right as I did so, lest someone try to snatch them from me. ;)

L<3VE these!!!

I popped them on my feet and - they were a tad snug. BUT. They are the most darling shade of mint, and I have a ton of clothes that will go with them. So, at their exceedingly reduced price, I decided to give them a go. I've been wearing them around the house (feeling very June Cleaver as I did so) and stuffing them with balled-up socks, and they have actually loosened up quite a bit. Enough to get away with. (Yay!!)

And the insides are blue polka-dotted with gold metallic insoles - gorgeous inside AND out.
These are 'Madden Girl', btw.

Three funny things about the purchase of these shoes -
  • I had honestly been dreaming about these exact shoes THAT morning, as I'd bought their sisters a few months ago in navy, to go with a dress, and had been kicking myself ever since that I hadn't scooped up the mint ones also.
  • While wearing them in the store, several passing shoppers complimented me on them! One lady assured me that they were the very last pair, as yesterday she had combed the entire shoe department looking for them in her size.
  • At the cash register, the clerk told me their tragic story. Someone had bought them to go with a bridesmaid dress and returned them, in tears, because they didn't match the color of the dress. I felt bad for the poor girl, but congratulated myself on the fact that this short-sighted person didn't keep them just to have for regular wear! They were in great shape though, obviously never worn. 
Now, I want to hear your verdict! Do you love 'em or hate 'em? Would you have bought these designer pumps (if they were a little weensy bit snug) on super-sale for $15.00? 

Also, have you ever had to 'break in' a pair of shoes?

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